Happy clients

" Being very busy professionaly, I entrusted Caroline and Geraldine with my property search.

Géraldine and Caroline, very nice persons, had the perfect expertise to :

- understand perfectly your needs

- activate their network in order to find very quickly the best place which may not be on the market yet

- their expertise to get the best price and to carry out the negotiations.

This expert team allowed me to find within four weeks a property answering my demands. A very valuable investment !   Many thanks to Caroline and Geraldine. "






A charmING pied-à-terre,  Paris 15TH

" Everything started with a conversation : What did I really want ? What was the most important ? Did I anticipate everything ?

Caroline & Geraldine asked me to be more precise and the project took form…

- Have you been thinking about this district ?

- Here ? No, to be honest

Maybe… why not ?

And Yes ! Happy etc found what I really needed.

Caroline & Geraldine saw every details, every facilities, even hours when the church bells nearby rings.

Since I’ve been living in this flat I must say that no problem occured.

And moreover, a step that I never succeeded to realize : to negociate. At least to make a financial proposal I met these 2 girls 4 years ago and I still congratulate myself very time I open my flat door. "



an architect house, Boulogne

" We were looking for a property where we could feel at home and which could match our enlarged family.

Caroline & Geraldine completely fulfilled this mission. They have been listening to our needs very carefully and they did understand our tastes. We were truly amazed by their availability, their patience and the quality of their network.

Thanks to their obvious abilities, they made us visit this beautiful house where we are now extremely « Happy » ! "


Céline et Guillaume



" Psychologists and coaches consulting rooms are very often sad and conventional.  Before meeting with HAPPY etc. I used to dream of a peculiar place where my clients could relax, dream, find easily their childhood memories, and finally be able to create.  A HAPPY place as a matter of fact !  And if Geraldine and Caroline are considered as "flat hunters", their real expertise consists in helping you to go beyond yourself :  meeting, sharing, sensitive listening to your deepest dreams and a keen attention to your demands.


A few weeks after our first meeting, they invited me to visit a place located in the heart of the "New Athens" in Paris 9th.  At the first sight I fell in love with this workroom so close to the Musée de la Vie Romantique.  A workroom, near the sky where I could approach my clients individually or in small groups.  A workroom which had a soul and could give a creative impulse to managers or businessmen, coaches or therapists who know how to appreciate changes or even transformations. "





a rental investment, Paris 8TH

" Living far from Paris, I wanted to make an investment in Paris by purchasing a flat which would be both a rental investment and a pied-à-terre.  My demand especially concerned the district and the quality of this new property.

Very quickly Happy etc. found out the ideal place :  90m2 in excellent conditions divided in a studio and a flat, in other word a rental profit seriously increased.  Happy etc. team has been managing all the necessary negotiations until the closing.

In order to save time and to optimize the renting I decided to entrust Happy etc. with the fittings and furnishing of both flats.  All this was very successfully carried out by Geraldine and Caroline in a very short time.  A few days after the closing, the renting could start. "





" I was living abroad and looking for my future Parisian flat. I was lucky enough to meet with Caroline & Geraldine who successfully helped me.

Very professional, proactive, friendly and patient, they hunted my flat for more than a year without never put any pressure on me to close the deal earlier.

I was looking for a flat with 2 or 3 bedrooms in the heart of Paris, a charming place with a great ceiling height and an elevator. Not easy to find but they made it !

They have quicly understood my expectations. They give right advices and they have an efficient network.

They made me save a significant time and made my Parisian real estate project come true while I was not in Paris.

A big thanks to Happy etc ! "





A FAMILY appartement, Paris 16TH

" I decided to move to Paris but I had no spare time to search a flat. On the advice of one of my good friends who was very satisfied with their work, I met with Geraldine and Caroline.

When I met them, I immediatly felt I could rely on them. I found their approach very clear with a great understanding of my needs, we had « the feeling » right away !

As I was looking for a very in demand kind of flat, it was not easy for them to find it. But they never gave up and put a great energy to hunt the right place for me.

Thanks to them I visited 6 flats. Each of them had charming peculiarities and I made 4 offers.

Geraldine & Caroline know the market very accurately so it gave me the possibility to buy my flat with a great peace of mind.

I’m now « Happy » in my nice flat and I would not hesitate to request their help if necessary or recommend them.

Thanks again to both of them. "




AN haussmannien  appartement, Paris 8TH

" Wishing to start a new life, I made up my mind to settle permanently in Paris. To carry out this plan, I called Geraldine and Caroline and asked them to help me. Tactfully and discreetly, they listened to my wishes. Quickly and smartly they understood my expectations. I felt that I could rely on them to find exactly what I was looking for. I could save a precious time and useless visits to focus on the essential. I knew they had a deep knowledge of the real estate market.

It is always emotionally difficult to invest money and to change your way of life. They did help me to choose the right place. Thanks to their network, I met with a decorator whose taste matched mine amazingly. To sum up I would say that these two girls have all the necessary skills to made your hunting easier and successful. "





A house to renovate, Boulogne

" Having already found our first house with Happy etc., we knew their ability to spot a rare place. Once again, thanks to their network and experience we found, in only a few days, a house - with a garden ! - to renovate in the heart of Boulogne !

We have been able to rebuild, expand and redesign this house and we got a result beyond our expectations. "


Amélie et Wladimir


Esprit loft in front of the  Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Paris 7TH

" When I made up my mind to buy a flat in Paris, I immediatly called the « girls » !

A few years ago, Caroline & Geraldine had already helped me very successfully and thanks to them my children also found two very nice flats in Paris.

My briefing was very precise with demanding and not negotiable criteria.

The « hunting » was long. I made many visits in different districts from right to left bank. I must say that the flats I saw were very close to my wishes.

I knew that they would succeed. I only had to be patient.

Thanks to their solid motivation, my dream finally came true. In the heart of my favourite district, they found "my" flat. It was possible for me to make a lot of renovations. Today this flat totally suits me !

Thanks a lot to Geraldine & Caroline "



" Laurent and I have created a coaching consulting office, but we had a very special request :  to find two nearby flats which might be purchased separately and, later, be combined in one single place.  Furthermore we wished to find this property in the prestigious Paris 8th district.

We realized very quickly that Geraldine and Caroline had perfectly understood what we were looking for.  During the following month, they succeeded in finding two flats which were on the market separately but were likely to be sold together.

This very nice team had understood our demands so skilfully that we only had to visit one flat, so perfect, that we made an immediate offer.  Geraldine and Caroline were always respectful of our timetable to answer all our questions and to organize the necessary visits, as often as needed, to allow us to reach the final decision.  All this took place between Christmas and the New year's day ! They were very efficient to help us till the closing.

We warmly recommend these two involved and resourceful professionals. "





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