Happy etc. offers customized property searches in both residential and commercial places in Paris, for both individuals and companies.


You are planning to buy a primary or secondary residence, a rental investment,

an office or offices…


Entrust us with your property search in order to


- take advantage of our time and energy ;

- gain access to our extensive network ;

- make the most of our expertise in the Real Estate Market.


What sets Happy etc. apart ?
An intimate and confidential approach.




We are specialized in Real Estate in Paris, primarily in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th districts, and in the nearby suburbs of Paris :  Boulogne, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Levallois-Perret, Suresnes, Saint-Cloud and Issy-les-Moulineaux.


defining your search

Our first meeting (or contact by phone or mail if you are not in Paris) is extremely important : we strive to understand perfectly your needs, tastes and demands.  Together we will fine-tune your specific requirements, in order to create the most precise property search for you.  With a thorough knowledge of the Real Estate market, we can advise and accompany you throughout all stages of your purchasing process, until its successful completion.



Upon launching your search, we immediately get in touch with all related parties (individuals, agencies, notaries, property dealers, etc.). We activate our extensive network in order to find the best properties, even those not currently on the market.



Initially, we personally visit the properties in order to confirm or deny their relevance in your search.  We only select the properties which come closest to your property search. Any important information will be relayed to you, and we request your presence only when we have approved the potential property ourselves.



We are in charge of drawing up all purchase offers, as well as the negotiations with all participating partners.  At this important stage of the purchase, the clarity which prevails with our real estate contacts is invaluable.  Our main purpose :  to protect your interests in the purchase.



Until the actual close of your sale agreement, we keep a watchful eye on every detail ;  for example reports from co-owners meetings, diagnosis, drafts of the agreement, etc.



If renovations are anticipated in your new residence, we are able to put you in contact with skilful professionals who may help you efficiently.











According to the Hoguet law, we shall have to sign a « Search Contract » which will bind us to you. Then we shall be entitled to begin our active, daily search.


This contract


- is valid for 3 months but can be renewed if necessary ;

- mentions briefly your requirements, the chosen districts and your budget ;

- stipulates Happy etc. fees.











Our fees for a Real Estate search are 1,8% (all taxes included) of the net price of the purchase, with a minimum invoiced payment of Euros 6000.


Our fees include :

- the necessary appointments to define your precise requirements ;

- the market analysis and our advice based upon our research ;

- the search and selection of the best locations ;

- our preview visits and the organization of your visits ;

- the drawing up of the purchase offers ;

- the negotiation with our different partners ;

- our being with you throughout the entire search, until the final signature of the certified title deed.


If you wish to entrust us with the sale of your present property, please contact us for an accurate estimate.









Driven by the same passion for creating our own company, we set up in 2007 Happy etc. Hunt A Perfect Place for You.


With a wealth of combined experience behind us - international marketing and public relations for well-known companies in the cosmetics, food and mobile phone industries, as well as in prestigious fashion and accessories brands, we had a specific idea of client service :  a mix of professionalism, availability and close contact.


Our complementary characters, similar tastes and our professional expertise naturally led us towards the Real Estate market, where we found the possibility to develop our tailor-made service approach.


Every day we express our creativity and business acumen, and also rely on our finely tuned intuition.  We take advantage of our sales and negotiation abilities to offer our clients the best possible service.


After many profitable years, Happy etc. has become an extremely competent and expert company in the Real Estate market.  Our main purpose is and will always be the same :  to find you the best place, answering your desires and demands.




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